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Team Piper - Captain: Dawn Piper

Join Team Piper on Saturday, October 7th at Hadley's Park in Potomac, MD and Step Up for Down Syndrome!  This is a wonderful event for all ages and is how we became so involved with the Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County (DSNMC).  This amazing network provides great social opportunities for Brendan and access to a wealth of resources and support.  

If you are unable to join us in person, please consider donating to DSNMC.  Even a symbolic gift of $21 goes a long way!  We appreciate any support you can provide to help support this volunteer organization continue to provide programs to our members free of charge.

Thank you!


Dawn, Mike, Ryan, Colin, and most of all Brendan!

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Carla Rodriguez
Kim Stevenson
Nicodemus Nicodemus
Isaac Walker
Pat Conley
Victoria Cabellos
Claudia Mikeliunas
Bridget Conley
Michael Piper
Noah Walker
Addie Conley
Julie Fox
Nicodemus Nicodemus
Patch Conley
Joe Lintott
Nicodemus Nicodemus
Colin Piper
Brendan Piper
Ian Rodriguez Watson
Dawn Piper
Ryan Piper
Lulu Conley
Will Walker
Leah Walker
Nicodemus Nicodemus
Alec Augusty
Natalia Yu
Kendall Watson
Team Donors
Bonds Kevin
The Liongson's
Ann & Roy
Jane Edwards
The Russo's
Sandra McVeigh
The PA Pipers - Go B!
The Carbery's
The Conte's
Mark Sherrard
Greg Walsh
John MacDonald
Jill Girzadas
The Fiorella Dennis Family
Declan and Elly Ke
Julie Fox
Janice Dunlap
birnie zoo
Wayne Creyaufmiller
david & kathleen piper
The Piper Family
The Hughes Family
Dean Scott
Stephen Weiss
Erik Gustafson
The Ralston's
The Moran's
Ryan Family
Amanda Heinz and Adam Graham
The Schullers
Maura & Chris Grant
Cawley Family
Parker & Catherine Tang
Jan kowalski
The Puttlitz Family
Kevin Manning
mary gardner
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