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Team Richie - Captain: Maura Lannan
Thank you for supporting Team Richie in the Step Up for Down Syndrome Awareness Walk!
Team Goal

Team Registrants
Richie Lannan
Bob Lannan
Peggy Lannan
Bobby Lannan
Maura Lannan
Team Donors
Kazor-Christovich Family
The Druckers
Ms. Val and Family
Mara O'Brien
Chicago Lannan Cousins
Grandma and Grandpa Kelly
William Page
The Brendan Healy Family
Laura Burstein
The Alberinos
The Stravin Family
Mary Lou Coughlin
The NC Kleiderers
The Flynn Family
ryan dunn
Riley family
The Anglade Family
Shannon Provenzano
The Ronis Family
Maureen Galligan
Tina Rhoa
The Petrella's
Maureen Lannan
John & Mary Ellen Weisser
Francesca Ugolini
James S Hart
Cathy Stocker
The Priors
Stokes Family
The Gill Family
Megan and August Mozart
Robert Carroll
Remodella Healthy, LLC
Patrick Lannan & Glenn Parado
Ted and Joyce Maker
Judy Pardonnet and Family
The Ondecks
Jennifer Jarbeau
Rich & Judy Chiburis
Paul Murphy
Zama family
The Gilbert Family
Catherine Moore
Lisa McDonald
Wes and Catherine Hart
The Kellys
Anne Seigel
Rebecca Leonard
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