Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County

Saturday, October 6, 2018

  10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Falls Road (Hadley's) Park

12600 Falls Road - Potomac, Maryland

Team Richie - Captain: Maura Lannan
Team Goal

Team Registrants
Bobby Lannan
Maura Lannan
Richie Lannan
Sydney Samuels
Peggy Lannan
Gabriella White
Naomi Samuels
Bob Lannan
Team Donors
The Devinney's
Brendan & Heather Healy
Laura & Stuart Burstein
Dan + Karen Cushing
Teresa Weldon and fam
Kathleen Dunn
Tom & Michele Anderson
The Stocker Family
Darius Kaz
Michele Campisi
The Finnells
Christine & Paul Murphy
Bill & Betty Johnson
Wes and Catherine Hart
Charlie Collen
The Kritemeyer Family
James S Hart
Tricia Kleiderer
Jeanne and Mark Shriver
Julia Pelosi
Mosie Galligan
Maureen Lannan
The Lawlor Family
Chicago Lannans
The Sova Family
Meggie and August
Katherine and Annie Ondeck
Kathleen Galligan
Charles, Erin, Joseph, Helene and Carys Flynn
Kelly & JP Ward
Stokes Family
The Anglade Family
The Phelan Family
The Gilberts
Ronis family.
The Vanhuysen's
Neil, Lisa & Gabby White
Stravin Family
Sherri and Larry Gotts
Isabelle Soria
Marybeth & Bob Galvin
the Kellys
Flora Chen
Rich & Judy Chiburis
Henry Anna Abby and Brad Sherman
On behalf of Aidan Zhang
Anne Siegel
O'Brien Family
Mary Lou Coughlin
Lisa, Bob, Zoe and Elise
the Jarbeaus
The NC Kleiderers
Sydney Samuels


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