Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County

Saturday, October 6, 2018

  10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Falls Road (Hadley's) Park

12600 Falls Road - Potomac, Maryland

Team Piper - Captain: Dawn Piper
It's been an amazing journey to watch Brendan grow and we are so thankful for our amazing community that continues to guide us everyday. We hope you can join us in support and celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month on October 6th at Hadley's Park! If you can't join in person, a small donation to support this wonderful organization that provides free programs and support to members is greatly appreciated!
Team Goal

Team Registrants
Jacob Dennis
Michael Piper
Claudia Mikeliunas
LuLu Conley
William Walker
Brendan Piper
Ryan Piper
Patch Conley
Adult on site Gaiser Family
Jen Strouble
Leah Walker
Pat Conley
Noah Walker
Bobby McDonnell
Dawn Piper
Leya Tesfaye
Declan Hughes
Addie Conley
Shannon Buckingham
Kim Stevenson
Ruth Gaiser
Joyce Buckingham
Bridget Conley
Orite Tesfaye
Kristen Konopka
Child 2 Gaiser
Colin Piper
Child 3 Gaiser
Isabelle Strouble
Seamus Hughes
Child 2 Gaiser
Nora McDonnell
Nora Hughes
Matthias Tesfaye
Steven Pazan
Alison Hughes
Kiddy Tesfaye
Isaac Walker
Gee Tesfaye
Susan Fiorella
Rose Pazan
Team Donors
The Conte's
The PA Piper Crew
Michele Bruggeman
The Maulbeck Family
Claudia Mikeliunas
Cabell Jonas
Laura Gaiser & Charlotte
Pat Conley
The Birnico’s!
The Walters Family
The Piper Family
Augusty Family
Jane Edwards
Grandma & GrandPA
The Buckingham’s
Kim Stevenson
Del Soles
The Nicodemus Family
Dawn Piper
Michael Piper
The Langevin Family
MacDonald Family
Barrett Ethridge
Jie and Family
The Beckbirns!
Matthias Tesfaye
Kate Turner
Jennifer Mahoney
The Harper's
The Ralston's
T M Miller
Tom and Jan Dunlap
Susan Fiorella
The Moran’s
David & Kathleen Piper


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