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Team Jordan - Captain: Kristi Maeng
Jordan Howard Maeng was born on November 11, 2016 and he has been a blessing to our family since day 1!  Jordan amazes us reaching milestone after milestone (sitting, eating, crawling) and doing it all with a smile on his face.  This boy is determined to go places and will not allow anything to stand in his way.  I have been overwhelmed with the community of friends we've developed in Maryland since our move to Germantown last July.  A big thank you to everyone participating in this walk and showing your support for our family.  And an even bigger thank you for loving our little guy just as much as we do!!!
Team Goal

Team Registrants
Judah Portnoff
Larissa Dede
Kseniya Sanford
Melissa Dillon
Candace Bayles
Graeme Sanford
Lucienne Bayles
Clarence Maeng
Danielle Everson-Riley
Justin Miller
Alyse Portnoff
Patricia Sanford
Jordan Maeng
Graeme Sanford
Isaiah Portnoff
Mariann Peplinski
Rebekah Miller
Kristi Maeng
Bodhi Everson-Riley
Micah Portnoff
Jacqueline French
Zaiya Sanford
Morgan Cole
Sam Portnoff
Olivia Peplinski
Loren Audette
David Bayles
Katelin Maeng
Elin Sanford
Team Donors
Dan & Kristen DiBlasi
Betty Sigler
Blake Kohler
The Sanfords
The Teskes
Noel, Allison, & Caleb Clarin
The Bayles
Jan Esplin
Kayla Duong
Ben & Heather Newton
The Miller Family
Laura Jones
The Tenca's
Lauren, Will, Sarah, Web
Jimmy Ly
Rachel Griffin
Eric Bowden
Mikki McKay
The Fil Family
Mommy & Daddy
Kal Bikov
Morgan Cole
Oma and Pops
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