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Team Andrew Lee - Captain: Susie Lee

We have had the privilege of loving and raising Andrew the past 8 years. It has been a unique and special journey with highs and lows and never a dull moment! Andrew makes us laugh and appreciate him every day with his silly sense of humor, sweet affection, and awesome smile. He brightens, challenges, and enriches our lives every day, and continuously teaches us not to underestimate him! Andrew loves school, books, dancing, knock-knock jokes, mac n cheese, the show, "Handy Manny," the pool and beach, and playing basketball with his big brother Connor and role-playing with his little sis Bella :)

We are excited to walk for Step UP for Down Syndrome this year to raise awareness and help raise funds to support all the amazing programs and services that the DSNMC provides. The DSNMC has always been and continues to be a wonderful support and resource to our family and to so many others, and we are so grateful for this caring, strong, passionate community!

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Team Registrants
Lan Nguyen
Abigail Lee
Wesley Lim
Anna Lim
Mei-Xing Yang
Isaac Burton
Bella Lee
Seong Yang
Lily Nguyen
Hanson Lee
Kate Falls
Andrew Lim
Suann Lee
Tony Quach
Bryant Lee
Paul Burton
Aiden Burton
Helen Burton
Lois Sohn
Emery Lim
Connor Lee
Kur Sohn
Andrew Lee
Earl Yang
Susie Lee
Alaina Lee
David Lee
Team Donors
Suann Lee
Jim Lee
Seong & Earl Yang
Elan Liang
Michelle Chung
Suejin Yang
Hwang Family
Bryant Lee
Burton Fam
Ryan, Max & Trace
Clay and Sue Burton
kur & ye
Julia Lee
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