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Luka's Lightworkers - Captain: Sarah Fenster-Goldfarb

This year we are proud to participate in the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk that supports our local Down syndome chapter - Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County (DSNMC) on October 7, 2017. Luka has brought joy to our lives for the past 21 months. DSNMC has been an invaluable support when we've had questions or concerns about Luka's wellness and other care needs. This walk is the largest fundraiser of the year and the funds raised cover a vast array of programs. We would love your support through a donation and if you are local, please join us for the walk. 

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Robert Goldfarb
Sarah Fenster-Goldfarb
Danelia Quiroz
Gail Goldfarb
Luka Fenster-Goldfarb
Samuel Schlossenberg
Gabriel Goldfarb
Michael Goldfarb
Team Donors
Gail Goldfarb
Andrea & Brian Chanin
Arlene Greenspan
Tina Laboy
Suzanne Fenster
Jim & Brenda McClelland
Phoebe Spanier
Lisa Cooperstein
Allison Brandt
Amy & Mark Schlossenberg
Vickie Jones Gogo
Jed, Meghan, Lena & Lem
Ellis Schlossenberg
Hannah Fenster
Naomi Sharlin
Nelmarie Miranda
Team Andrikanich
Fenster-Goldfarb Family
Noah & Sharon Bank
Susan Bank
Gloria Schlossenberg & Family
LInda & Edward Abrams
Ann and Will
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