Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County

Saturday, October 6, 2018

  10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Falls Road (Hadley's) Park

12600 Falls Road - Potomac, Maryland

Flo Ryders - Captain: Dana Chan
The Flo Ryders are back again to walk and raise awareness for Down Syndrome.  It is also that time of year we celebrate Ryder's birthday.  Hope you can join us.
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Nolan Ross
Richard Hsu
Levon Ehrlich
Zach Zisman
Keith Ripley
Maya Ehrlich
Brady Chan
Erin Adkinson
Jordan Domond
Luke Hibey
Allison Ehrlich
Benjamin Windmueller
Nathan Rogers
Ava Lewis
Victoria Lewis
Scott Lubochinski
Kristin Moreno
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Eric Hsu
Yvonne Morrison
Ann Adkinson
Devin Domond
Eric Rogers
Ronald Adler
Bryce Morrison
Dana Chan
Arielle Zisman
Kelly McGee
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Jake Ryon
Gillian Gotiangco
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